Product Finish

All Woodland windows and doors are factory finished in Sikkens Rubbol microporous paint system. This is a premium quality, environmentally friendly, low maintenance paint designed to keep your products looking like new for years to come, even in the harshest environments.

Standard paint system: Sikkens Rubbol, satin white, RAL 9016 inside and out


Paint system is a crucial component of external joinery. Woodland ensures total quality control by supplying all our products fully factory finished in our water-based microporous paint system.

All Woodland windows and doors are finished in our purpose built spray facility. Microporous paint is environmentally friendly and ensures your windows and doors remain maintenance free for years to come; typical re-coating intervals are up to 8 years.

Why microporous paint?

For many years oil-based paint was the finish of choice. Oil based paint hardens to provide a durable protective coating for the underlying timber. However this hardness means the paint loses elasticity. Timber is a natural product and needs to breathe; expanding and contracting with the seasons. A hardened paint layer doesn’t allow this natural movement and cracking at the joints results. Water works its way into these cracks and is trapped behind the paint, leading to further expansion and eventually rot.

Oil based paints are high in V.O.C’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), they are NOT environmentally friendly, they are very slow drying and difficult to maintain, requiring extensive preparation before re-coating, which must be done regularly.

For many years Woodland has incorporated water-based microporous paint in all our external joinery. It is true to say that in the early years water-based paints were not as durable as a well-maintained oil-based system. However paint development has come a long way. Modern advances in paint technology, often driven by a need to consider the environment when specifying paint finish, has led to the development of water-borne paint systems that are long-lasting, easy to maintain and suitable for the harshest environments.

Sikkens has been at the forefront of microporous paint development and Woodland has incorporated Sikkens paint for over ten years.

Sikkens Rubbol paint system, combined with our factory spray-application system, means your windows and doors will be finished to the highest standard in a paint that will last for years to come.